Welcome to my hex archive!

If you'd like to trade, drop me an email. I'm pretty easy to bribe. ;) Many of my files aren't pictured because they've been lost; if you have a hexie of mine not displayed here, please contact me! I'll trade you my first born.


x Keep 'Harli' or 'Sadie Hawkins' in the prefix.
x Please return instead of MPA-ing.
x If your pet comes with an external texture, please do not re-use.
x You are more than welcome to hex eyelids/gender/trotting etc!

Houla Danes | Limited
Re-hex of my 2005 Houla Dane file. Houla spots were all the craze back in the day, especially on danes and calicos. I believe they were first made popular by Jesse @ Taboo, who started a plethora of Petz trends (anybody remember skunk stripes?!). Adopted out as a freebie & custom trade litter on Facebook.

Pebble Dane | Retired
Hexed exclusively for Michy as a birthday gift. It was tradition between us in the old days of PCG to hex each other 'birthday petz', usually making a graphic or webpage to go with them.

Oran Danes | Retired
Requires an external texture, and changes color in-game as you play. Mash-up of my 2006 Kaleidoscope Dane file and 2005 Starry Switchfoot Dane file. Named for Oran, a friend and dear PC member we'll miss. Adopted out as a freebie litter on Facebook.

Twilight Wolves | Retired
Hexed in 2009 for PCG. There was an additional litter with more colors adopted out later on called 'New Moon Pups'. I guess at the time I was a Twilight fan, lol. Or more likely I had a huge crush on Taylor Lautner's abs. ;) Quite a few of these guys are still around the PC community; they were known for being giant in-game.

Starlight Dane | Retired
Hexed exclusively for Michy as a gift/trade. This is a re-hex of my Grunge Wolf file, which isn't pictured here. Furfile is a representation of the northern lights, with beautiful pastel tones and swirls, and changes color in-game as you play.

Rockstar Dane | Retired
Hexed exclusively for Michy as a birthday gift in 2005 or earlier. Can you tell yet that her & I were thick as thieves back in the day? Michy was an incredible hexer (and freind!) and set the bar pretty high. I'm pretty sure all the best hexies I created were petz I made exclusively for her.

Boxer | Retired
Hexed for myself personally. I wanted to hex one of my friends who moved away (and I missed terribly) into a boxer-type dog, since he had a bulldogish personality. These two dogz have since been lost, but were featured in my avatar & signature on PCG for a year. A small litter was adopted out in 2009.

Kaleidoscope Danes, V1 & V2 | Retired
When I was little kid and first discovered Petz, my favorite breedfile was the 'Love Wolf'. The Love Wolf changed color in game; blue to pink, red to yellow, etc, due to an external texture. It was mesmerizing. As a teenager I decided to re-create the effect, and hexed my Kaleidoscope Danes. Multiple versions and litters were adopted out on TPS/PCG. I've hexed several color changing petz since, it's one of my favorite 'glitches' in the Petz game. :)

Irish Wolfhound | Retired
Irish Wolfhounds are one of my dream dog breeds, so of course I had to hex a version for Petz! Adopted out on PCG in summer of 2009, multiple litters and colors.

Starry Switchfoot Danes | Retired
Hexed in the early summer of 2005 for TPS, based on the hit single Stars by Switchfoot. Originally hexed with Resource Hacker and at one time held the record for the petz with the most paintballs. To my knowledge this was also the first 'star-themed' hexie. Additional colors were hexed by Michy and Oran. In 2011 a V2 file was hexed and adopted out which had facestreaks and chest patches.

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