Although I'm not greatest at body-mods when it comes to hexing, I do love petzy breedfiles, so I've created a couple overwrite files I love to breed with. These haven't been thoroughly tested so puppies may have some quirks. Enjoy!

Please feel free to modify and hex these in any way.

Golden Retriever | Labrador Overwrite | Download

Bernese Mountain Dog | Labrador Overwrite | Download

I've also created trotting breedfiles for Dalmatians, Scotties, and Dachshunds. These are only meant to be used to pass the trotting gene down from 1st generation AC petz, as they're missing sounds due to the behavior swap with Sheepdogs. Once you adopt your 1st generation petz using these files, put your original breedfile back in place. Having the breedfile in will not produce trotting pups from non-trotters in later generations.


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