DOB: May 24, '17
Origin: Trade with Cathface! I love this spunky little cat, and her eyes are gorgeous.

DOB: July 18, '16
Origin: When Mazz wanted to trade, I immediately asked for one of these kitties! They remind me of cookie dough. So adorable.

DOB: June 7, '17
Origin: Adopted from Ali. She seriously hexes the prettiest petz, and Kaley is no exception!


DOB: ???, '06
Origin: A surprise gift from Michy due to our shared love of TLK2. . I was so excited to get this bad boy, he's one of my all time favorite petz! He has an Alley Cat personality.

DOB: ???, '06
Origin: You can't have Kovu without Kiara! Michy spoiled me. Unlike Kovu, Kiara is a sweetheart and loves to play.

DOB: ???, '00
Origin: I remember fawning over Nena @ Amenity's crew and falling in love with her hexed cream tabbies. I eventually nabbed one of my own from Esther!

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